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Performtex Kinesiology Tape - Box of 6

Performtex Kinesiology Tape - Box of 6

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PerformTex Original Cotton Tape

Patented twin-groove technology encourages quicker moisture-wicking for improved moisture removal and skin breathability, alleviating two of the biggest factors causing tape failure and skin irritation.

The adhesive’s “pressure diamond” pattern and tenacious grip increases mechanical transduction input through the skin, and into deeper fascial layers for improved therapeutic results.

Easy to apply, safe for all ages and injury-related conditions, and can withstand the rigors of any workout.

Provides support to joints and muscles, relieves pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, accelerates recovery and healing from intense exercise, prevents overuse and over contraction of working muscles, delays fatigue and improve endurance.

100% cotton with medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive. Water-resistant. Latex-free.

2”x 16.4’ roll (5cm x 5m). Stays on up to five days.