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RRT Pro 2 by Rapid Release Technology

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The only vibrating device on the market that operates at 150Mhz to impact the tissue at a hypersonic frequency.

We have all heard about, "vibration technology." Most work, but slow you down. A dramatic drop in patient through-put hinders your schedule and your profits. This is a three minute--yes, three minute adjunct to your normal healing routine. Quick, easy and effective. Your patients will love it and tell their friends!

The FDA agrees that at 100Mhz scar tissue are diminished, trigger points released and adhesions are eliminated. This device does it faster, better, and more completely than anything else on the market.

Elite athletes and large athletic organizations such as the Denver Broncos, Alabama, LSU and Notre Dame Football are using this device to get their star athletes back on the field where they belong.

Isn't it time you added something to your practice that will make you unique and more profitable?

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