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DOC Decompression Table

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The digital command center also controls table elevation and rear flexion, all at the push of a button.

Take your Chiropractic practice to the next level with Pivotal’s DOC Decompression Table. The unique design of the new DOC table utilizes a state-of-the-art digital command center for specific vertebral targeting, separate lumbar and cervical decompression programming and continuous readout and graphing of treatment protocols.

These tables are very customizable.  Please call us today to receive your FREE consultation to determine your exact needs.  Pivotal, unlike other manufacturers use a standard process for assembly line production.  This ensures shorter delivery times which puts your investment to work quicker.


  • 90 Days of FREE Support from Dr. Bryan Hawley
  • Digital (DOC) Command Center which includes:
    • Specific vertebral targeting
    • Separate lumbar and cervical decompression programming
    • Continuous readout and graphing of treatment parameters
    • Interactive color display
  • Pre-programmed lumbar and cervical decompression protocols
  • Customizable treatment protocols
  • Traction belting system can enhance restraint
  • for optimal decompression. This helps the body reduce internal disc pressure which aids in the
  • reduction of spinal problems
  • Built-in safety features
  • User-defined treatment hold and relax times
  • Real-time digital treatment tracking
  • Table elevation
  • Reference library - including patient setup and training materials
  • Comfort bolsters
  • Cervical capture headpiece
  • Black base

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