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FLASH SALE: Pettibon Chiropractic Adjustable Table

FLASH SALE!!! Two flat bench style Pettibon Tables in stock! These need a new home. Are you it?

This versatile all metal frame table adjusts to the height of the user, insuring ergonomic and safe practices to fit any size and height clinician. The cervical/thoracic piece raises easily with one hand to provide resistance for lumbar side posture adjustments preventing injury to the practitioner and comfort for the patient. The up to 40° tilt removes thoracic curve for the supine neurological leg check allowing for objective testing.

Center is upholstered to hold the patient while adjusting. The head-piece and foot of the table top are covered in vinyl coated fabric for cleaning and hygiene purposes. Leg straps for use with Y-Axis Traction. 6.5’x2’

The legs of the table can adjust so that the top of the table is 15-24" off the floor. The top of the table should be at the base of the practitioner's knee cap.

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