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The New MSC Mission

Many of you know and many more do not know that Medical Specialists Co, changed ownership in February 2017.  We wanted to take a moment to reflect back on the last year; lessons learned, observations of the market and last, but not least, a brief introduction to the new owners and their mission to change the way the market views MSC.


First, the easy part.  Hi, our names are Kent and Marie Altenberg.  We are the new owners of Medical Specialists.  Kent,(that's me) has been in the healthcare space for longer than I care to admit.  I have worked for and consulted some of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S., such as President of Mediware, and consultant to Apria Healthcare, McKesson, and Alscripts.  Most recently, my business partner and wife, Marie, and I started a company from our kitchen table and grew it into a very successful venture.  That business is still operational today.

Being a consultant, helping other companies solve problems and grow has certainly been fun, challenging and rewarding.  Being in high level, very public positions, taught me a lesson a very long time ago: TRANSPARENCY in every thing you do is critical.  We have a saying in our house, "If you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing."

Marie Altenberg, has been the driving force in our lives at the Altenberg household.  Despite having put herself through college, she graciously took a back seat to my career and raised two very well rounded and grounded children.  Both are out of college and seem to be happily moving down their own path.  Without her help, our first business together would have failed without question and my career and our children would have suffered.  Today, she runs both companies and keeps our adult children in line.

Why should you keep reading?  Here's where it gets good.  Shortly after we acquired Medical Specialists we were completely taken back by the feedback we received from the, then, current customer base.  It seemed reasonable that after 50 years of business that some chiropractors and physical therapists might have had a bad experience with the company. That happens.  No company is perfect nor are any person or persons who run a company.  But we wanted to dig deeper.  Here's what we found:  current customers, former customers and our competitions customers expressed a single and core concern and a stated need.  The need for TRANSPARENCY.  Customers in this market overwhelmingly expressed that they simply wanted a partner to help them build their business by being completely open, direct, and honest.


A MISSION is born.  The new owners of MSC have built their careers and their own business from the ground up by being completely transparent with their clients.  And now it is our mission to convince this market that we can deliver that transparency to each and every last one of you.  

Here is what you will find from the NEW MSC going forward.  Gone are the days of the, "order taker."  The person who showed up in your office and blindly ordered whatever you told them to get/find.  Our consultants will be just that, a trusted consultant to you.  We will ask questions to better understand your business.  We will offer suggestions and bring new ideas and programs to better your business--first.  We will seek to partner with you in every aspect that we can or that you will allow.  If we feel that one manufacturer is better than another, we will share that with you.  If we suggest that one piece of equipment is problematic, despite a quick sale for us, we will steer you away and take the additional time to advise you on your options.

Simply put, we want you to be happy with your purchase and the business dealings today and the many days in the future that we will be your provider.

Will we be perfect? NO.  Will we make mistakes?  Absolutely.  The measure of a good company isn't if they make a mistake or not. The true measure of a company is HOW THEY REACT TO A MISTAKE.  MSC, the owners and employees promise to react quickly and efficiently to solve your problem.  We may have to improve an internal process to ensure that it does not happen again.  We promise to do exactly that!

So, if you have ever had a bad experience with the former Medical Specialists or any of our competitors, please give the NEW MSC a try.  We think you will like our new approach.